Brain Growth

CIFASD investigator, Dr. Jeff Wozniak, uses brain growth chart to improve identification of individuals with FASD.

Diagnosis of FASD depends on determining if there is a brain growth anomaly. By applying a large normative database of brain MRI images, we are able to better identify some children with FASD who might not otherwise be able to be classified as having a true brain growth anomaly.

This method may also help us to track individual brain growth over time in a much more sophisticated manner. This approach may help improve the accuracy of diagnosis and may provide a way to track brain development over time in a detailed manner (to measure recovery, response to treatment, etc.).

See: Gimbel, et al., Normative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Increase the Sensitivity to Brain Volume Abnormalities in the Classification of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, The Journal of Pediatrics, Vol. 266, 113868.

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