The theme of this collaborative initiative is a cross-cultural assessment of FASD. The CIFASD will coordinate basic, behavioral and clinical investigators in a multidisciplinary research project to better inform approaches aimed at developing effective intervention and treatment for FASD. Input and contributions will come from basic researchers, behavioral scientists, and clinical investigators who are willing to utilize novel and cutting edge techniques, not simply to replicate previous or ongoing work, but rather to move the field forward in a rigorous fashion. We believe that a first step in developing effective interventions and treatments is to definitively outline a diagnostic schema so that the full range of effects from prenatal exposure to large or moderate amounts of alcohol can be determined.

The goal of this consortium is to bring together researchers from around the world who are conducting research on FASD or interested in the global problem of FASD and who have the capabilities and resources to utilize international samples to further knowledge in this area. Advances in science often require the appropriate technological, social and cultural climates to foster those advances. Studies that could not be conducted in any one site due to lack of subject numbers or given expertise, become possible in collaborative efforts such as those proposed here.

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